Outrageous Ideas

At ISWC-2011 (the International the W4RA/ Voiceswe won two (!) awards in the wholesale jerseys special track cheap jerseys on
“Outrageous Ideas”. The aim of this track was to solicit truly novel and ground-breaking ideas that will impact and
guide the SemWeb research landscape in the next decade or so. We did two award-winning submissions:

1) Christophe Gueret et al. won First Prize (= they got the most votes of
the world! professional jury) for “Bringing Open Data to those without the Web”
based on our work cheap mlb jerseys related to Africa that is going on.

2) Chris van Aart et al. got Third cheap nba jerseys Prize (= they got the most votes from
the public Writer = the podr├│? near 600 people attending ISWC-2011) for “the Web of
Voices” explaining what we do in the EU-FP7 project VOICES with partners
in Africa.<br>

Both publications can be found on my publications page.

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