ISWC 2012 tutorial on LD4D: Linked Data for Development

This weekend we got the great news that our tutorial proposal “LD4D: Linked Data for Development” is accepted as a full day tutorial at the ISWC 2012 conference that will be held this November in Boston. The tutorial was co-authored by Christophe Guéret, Victor de Boer and Stefan Schlobach from VU Amsterdam and Walter Bender and Bernie Innocenti from United States OLPC.

Boston  photo by wallyg

Linked Data for Development” (LD4D) is a sub-topic of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D), referring to the specifics of using Linked Data principles in developing countries.

The tutorial consists of three parts: first, an in-depth discussion of the societal, cultural and technological problems related to ICT4D, secondly, a hands-on requirement analysis given two practical applications of Linked Data technology in developing countries (a social network application for schools in remote areas (running on XO laptops) and an application for markets of agricultural products), and finally, a brief practical part on programming Linked Data apps under resource bounds to show potential problems existing technology and some novel solutions.

We will spend the upcoming months cooking up a really nice tutorial and we hope to see you all at our tutorial in Boston!

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