Symposium “Perspectives on ICT4D” 16 May 2014 at VU Amsterdam

On 16 May 2014, The Network Institute, Computer Science Department and International Office of VU Amsterdam organize a symposium on ICT4D, the quickly growing field of practice and study how Information and Communication Technologies influence and may contribute to social and economic development in the (developing) world.

An international list of speakers will highlight recent issues, trends and debates regarding ICT4D, from a wide range of experiences, angles, and scientific disciplines. The Symposium thus aims to elucidate key questions surrounding ICT4D, including: What are successful or promising contemporary approaches to ICT4D? What is the role of ICT in the broader context of development? What has science and academic research to offer here? What is the contribution and role of different scientific disciplines, such as computer science and others?

More information and (FREE) registration can be found at Bruno van Nieuwkerk)

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Kickoff meeting Quantifying Historical Perspectives on WWII

Today, the kickoff meeting for the project Quantifying Historical Perspectives on WWII was held. This is one of the projects funded by the Data Science Research Center. In this VU-UvA collaboration project*, two students will be investigating different perspectives on the Second World War. Specifically, they will employ a data science pipeline to look in all kinds of different media (Wikipedia, Verrijkt Koninkrijk, KB newspapers,…) and identify and visualize different perspectives. 


The students will build on previous work (Verrijkt Koninkrijk, …)  and on existing analysis tool (xTAS, ThemeStreams) to provide insight into the volume, selection and depth of WWII-related topics across different media, times and locations.


* The project proposal was submitted by Daan Odijk from UvA and Laura Hollink, Jacco van Ossenbruggen and Victor de Boer from VUA.

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