Digital Humanities in Practice 22-23

As part of the VU Digital Humanities and Social Analytics Minor, this year we again had students do a capstone project in January to show off their DH and SA skills and knowledge. The students were matched with researchers and practitioners in the field to tackle a specific challenge in four weeks. We again thank these wonderful external supervisors for their effort. The students’ effort resulted in really impressive projects, showcased in the compilation video below.

In total, nine projects were executed and we list the titles and hosting organisations below.

Reception of Dutch films by critics and film fansUvA-CREATE
Rethinking provenance through networksLeiden University-Humanities
Gender and Facial RecognitionVU Amsterdam-Computer Science
Impact measurement in VRUTwente
Locating Press PhotosNIOD
Exploring Music Collections through data stories, exploratory interfaces and innovative applicationsNetherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Predicting news headlines tests: What makes users clickVU-Social Science
Semi-Automatic Refinement of Historic OccupationsVU and IISG
1000 bombs and grenadesNetwerk Oorlogsbronnen

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