Exposing API data as Linked Data: the IDSWrapper

My Java coding skills were a bit rusty...A month ago, Christope Guéret and me got a grant from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) to investigate exposing their data as RDF. IDS provides an API to query their knowledge services data set compromising more than 32k abstracts or summaries of development research documents annotated with theme, organisations, country and region information.

The outcome is the IDSWrapper, which exposes the IDS data as 5-star Linked Data by linking the created resources to other resources on the Web (specifically DBPedia, Geonames and Lexvo). Christophe wrote a very comprehensive blog postabout the wrapper.

The next steps are to implement more linking services to make the code more generic. At the same time, we are now developing a client application showcasing the benefits of the exposition as Linked Data. The code is freely available on GitHub, watch us to stay up to date with the evolution of the project

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