During the Europeana Hackathon, I worked with Beeld en Geluid’s Jaap Blom on the prize-winning EuropeanaBanana game. In a second Hackathon, I worked with Maarten Zeinstra (Kennisland) on an automatic public domain calculator for Europeana content.


In 2009 I thought up a electronic, adaptive childrens’ play mat: Play’D (see also the old UvA site). I made an Arduino-controlled prototype with which I won the 2009 Amsterdam Science Park Award. Play’d is an interactive and adaptive electronic play-cloth for young children (age 0-6). Inside the cloth, sensors and actuators are hidden through which the child can communicate with a programmable computer platform, also hidden within Play’d. Different interaction scenario’s can be loaded onto this platform that can help the child’s cognitive and motoric developement. Play’d can also be used in a therapeutic setting.
We are currently looking at the possibility of making a real product out of Play’d. On the Media page, you can find a video of me demonstrating Play’d.

Other interests

From 2006-2011, I was involved as an editor for the Dutch group weblog www.geencommentaar.nl. For the past few years, I have been writing a weekly science and technology column “Wondere Woensdag“. I also wrote about film.

For the VU I have made a number of video’s together with Pepijn Borgwat. We are making two video’s for the Integral smart grid project. A second video project is about the Intertain Lab and the last is about the E-culture multitouch demonstrator. The video’s found at the Media page.

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