6th International Symposium “Perspectives on ICT4D”

On 23 May, as part of the VU ICT4D course, for the 6th time, W4RA and SIKS organized the annual symposium “Perspectives on ICT4D“. This year’s theme was how to tackle “Global Challenges” in a collaborative, trans-disciplinary way. Food Security is one of the Global Challenges Lia van Wesenbeeck – Director of the Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies – gave a great presentation on “Tackling World Food Challenges”.

Our international speaker on the same topic, Mr. Seydou Tangara, coordinator of the AOPP, was unfortunately not able to join due to visa problems. He was replaced by prof. Hans Akkermans, who presented the Vienna manifesto on digital humanism and its relation to ICT4D.

Andre Baart from UvA talked about the CARPA project and challenges in developing applications for people in Mali while Jaap Gordijn discussed the need for business modelling for developing sustainable services, with interesting case studies from Sarawak, Malaysia.

The ICT4D students presented their voice application services during the coffee break. They demonstrated applications ranging from equipment-lending services to seed markets and weather services.

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Kickoff meeting Quantifying Historical Perspectives on WWII

Today, the kickoff meeting for the project Quantifying Historical Perspectives on WWII was held. This is one of the projects funded by the Data Science Research Center. In this VU-UvA collaboration project*, two students will be investigating different perspectives on the Second World War. Specifically, they will employ a data science pipeline to look in all kinds of different media (Wikipedia, Verrijkt Koninkrijk, KB newspapers,…) and identify and visualize different perspectives. 


The students will build on previous work (Verrijkt Koninkrijk, …)  and on existing analysis tool (xTAS, ThemeStreams) to provide insight into the volume, selection and depth of WWII-related topics across different media, times and locations.


* The project proposal was submitted by Daan Odijk from UvA and Laura Hollink, Jacco van Ossenbruggen and Victor de Boer from VUA.

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