I teach a number of courses at the VU computer science department for the BSc. and MSc. level. I am Master Project coordinator for the Information Sciences Master and  am active in the Digital Humanities minor. I am member of the “Docententeam” and the “Opleidingscommissie IMM/IS”. I also am active in the “Verkenningscommissie” that investigates possibilities for further collaboration between VU and UvA at the Bachelor level.

I supervise three PhD. students and a number of MSc. and BSc. students and My goals in supervising students is to foster collaborations with enthusiastic students on interesting and innovative research projects.


Here are links to some of the courses I am teaching or have taught in the past. I was also involved in the design of the FEW Web Science Minor.

  • [2012-…] ICT for Development (ICT4D)
  • [2014-…] Web Technology
  • [2013-…] Inleiding IMM / Introduction IMM
  • [2015-…] Thesis Desgin
  • [2016-…] Digital Humanities in Practice
  • [2015-…] Digital Hermeneutics and Visualisation” (Digital Humanities Minor).

PhD co-supervision

I act as co-promotor and co-supervisor for a number of PhD students:

  • Nana Baah Gyan (received his Ph.D  for his thesis “The Web, Speech Technologies and Rural Development in West Africa, An ICT4D Approach” on 5-4-2016)
  • Niels Ockeloen
  • Xander Wilcke
  • Francis Dittoh

Msc and Bsc Student supervision

Here is a list of some of the student projects (B.Sc. as well as M.Sc.) I supervised or am currently supervising at VU and UvA. Current projects can be found on the VU Information Sciences Master Project wiki page.

  • [2015] Karl Lundfall, MSc. Artificial Intelligence on “The Implications of Using Linked Data when Connecting Heterogeneous User Information” . [Blog post and thesis]
  • [2015]Marc Jacobs, MSc. Information Sciences on “The search for credibility in news articles and tweets” . [Blog post and thesis]
  • [2015]Arnold Kraakman, MSc. Information Sciences on “The Implications of Using Linked Data when Connecting Heterogeneous User Information” . [Blog post and thesis]
  • [2015]Jeroen Entjes, MSc. Information Sciences on “Linking Maritime Datasets to Dutch Ships and Sailors Cloud – Case studies on Archangelvaart and Elbing” . [Blog post and thesis]
  • [2015]Roy Hoeymans, MSc. Information Sciences on “Effective Recommendation in Knowlegde Portals – the SKYbrary case study” . [Blog post and thesis]
  • [2014] Esra Atecelik, MSc. Computer Science on “Propagating item metadata to collection level for Europeana” (co-supervisor Antoine Isaac). [Blog post and thesis]
  • [2014] Rianne Nieland, MSc. Information Sciences on “Talking to Linked Data”. [Blog post and thesis]
  • [2014] Robin Ponstein, MSc. Information Sciences on “Identifying ships and sailors” [Thesis available on request]
  • [2014] Mark van der Laan, Rachad Debdoubi, Nick Scheer, Moslem Jaghubi, Nadia el Yousoufi, Bsc. Information, Multimedia and Management on combined business project and individual research projects (Co-supervised with Astrid van Aggelen] [Documents available on request]
  • [2014] Stephan Mantel, Bsc. Computer Science on “Small hardware solutions for voice services” [Thesis]
  • [2013/2014] Andrea Bravo Balado, MSc. Artificial Intelligence on “Extracting maritime-historical events” [Blog post and thesis].
  • [2013] Kasper Brandt, MSc. Artificial Intelligence on “Linked Data for IATI” [Thesis]
  • [2013] Alan Chavoshe, MSc. Information Science on “Linked Data for the Landportal[Thesis]
  • [2012/2013] Jan Kuppens. BSc. IMM on “Improving the User Experience for a School management web application” [Thesis]
  • [2012/2013]Deepak Chhetri, M.Sc Information Sciences on Voice-based user interfaces for users in Developing Countries [Voices Project] [Thesis].
  • [2012/2013/2014] Pieter Nicolai, BSc. IMM on building an exploratory browser application that uses Linked Development Data [co-supervisor Christophe Guéret] [Thesis]
  • [2012] Khalid Khakham, BSc. IMM on “SocialNews – Enriching News with Social Media” [Thesis]
  • [2012] Nam Nguyen, BSc. IMM on “A different approach for an URL recommendation system”. [Thesis]
  • [2011/2012] Binyam Mersea Tesfa, M.Sc Information Sciences on a Crowdsourcing App for Regreening in Africa [Voices Project, co-supervisor Pieter De Leenheer][Thesis].
  • [2011/2012] Niels Ockeloen, M.Sc Information Sciences on Developing middleware for navigation-based Linked Data applications [Plaatsen van Betekenis, co-supervisor Lora Aroyo] [Thesis].
  • [2011/2012] Edwin Schootemeijer, M.Sc Information Sciences on his thesis User Interaction Design for a LOD-Based Mobile Cultural City Tour Guide [Thesis] [Plaatsen van Betekenis, co-supervisor Lora Aroyo].
  • [2011/2012] Henk Kroon, M.Sc Information Sciences on “Ecomash: Linked Market Data for Sahel Eco” [Thesis] [Voices, co-supervisor Pieter de Leenheer]
  • [2009] Thomas van den Berg, UvA B.Sc Information Science on Using Color and Composition to Classify Web Pages [SiteGuide, thesis]
  • [2009] Jevon van Dijk, UvA B.Sc Information Science on Retrieving similar websites and web pages [SiteGuide, thesis]
  • [2009] Marc Bron, UvA M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence on semi-supervised information extraction using pattern induction
  • [2007] Casper Kuijjer, UvA M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence on expanding semantic lexicons using Information Extraction thesis]

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